Saildroid 1.4 released

I released Saildroid Version 1.4, a simple Android app for sailors.

I contains:

  • Compass
  • Speedometer in knots
  • Position
  • Distance measurement/Log in Nautical miles and meters. Also useful for anchoring.

All information is shown in large numbers with high-contrast graphics.

New in this version:

  • Night view
  • Updated graphics

You can get it from the android market

2 thoughts on “Saildroid 1.4 released”

  1. I installed SailDroid on my Motorola Defy+ The app indicates: no dat from GPS. The GPS is working correctly in Google maps though. Is the a solution for this problem?


    1. In the “Position” screen, the circles with the dots indicate the position of the satellites above you that are seen by the GPS receiver. If there are no or only one or two dots, you will not get a position and speed: wait a bit longer or go to an open space. If you are outdoors there are no dots for a long time you GPS may be switched off or broken.

      Note that Google Maps may show a correct position using cell or WiFi positioning! Saildroid will not use that.

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